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CrafTap Smart Auto Filler

CrafTap Smart Auto Filler

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The Ultimate Counter-Pressure Unit for Growlers & Crowlers


The Pegas CrafTap Smart is an Automated counter pressure growler & crowler filling system for Breweries, Bottle Shops, Specialty Retailers, Grocery Stores, and Convenience Stores. With an onboard computer, three separate pre-measured dispense sizes available, a flow meter that measures ounces poured, and with the Pegas CraftPad manifolds allowing you to connect up to 12 total beer lines per filler, this is by far the most advanced growler filling solution in the industry.

Automated Counter Pressure Growler Filling

  • Automatic filling with the push of a couple buttons
  • Counter pressurizes the growler with CO2 automatically before filling with beer, eliminating oxygen for a longer 30-day shelf life
  • Beer cascades down the inside wall of the crowler or growler, for a foam-free, bottoms up fill
  • 98% Keg Yield
  • 30-45 Day Growler Shelf Life
  • Fit's Several Sized Bottles/Growlers
  • Counter pressure fills Stainless Growlers
  • Counter pressure fill 32oz. Crowler Cans
  • Connect up to 12 beer lines to 1 CrafTap Smart

Quick ROI

Estimated 3.3 month Return on Investment when purchasing a CrafTap Smart, and a CraftPad Smart 6+1 Manifold.
(ROI is based on 200 growlers sold per week, with an estimated price of $11 per growler)

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