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All American Clutch Drive 12 & 16oz Can Sealer

All American Clutch Drive 12 & 16oz Can Sealer

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Reliability at its Core

Are you searching for the ideal seamer that combines efficiency, reliability, and convenience for your growing business? Look no further than the All-American Clutch Drive Seamer. Designed with precision and crafted to perfection, this seamer is the must-have tool for sealing 12oz and 16oz cans efficiently and reliably.


Model: ELS202A

Product Features

  • Fully Automatic Seaming Function

    • Seams Both 12oz and 16oz cans

    • Seams standard pop-top lids

    • Heavy-Duty Cast Aluminum Construction

    • Mechanical Clutch

    • AC Motor

    • Easy to Maintain

    • Most Common Beer Can Seamer in the World

    • Economical Workhorse

    • Over 3000 Machines in Operation

    • Best Performance Guaranteed

    • Freestanding does not require mounting

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