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CraftPad 6+1 Manifold

CraftPad 6+1 Manifold

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For use with the Pegas CrafTap 3.0 and CrafTap Smart

For connecting six different beer selections to one CrafTap Growlers filler

The Pegas CraftPad Light 6+1 is a manifold for use with the Pegas CrafTap. Six (6) valves are dedicated to beverage/beer lines, and one (1) valve is dedicated to gas. The gas valve is used to purge the remaining beer from the manifold after a growler fill, pushing the remaining beer from the manifold into the growler. This process eliminates any mixing of beer flavors when selecting a new beer for a new growler fill, and eliminates waste by pushing the beer into the growler.

Key Product Features

  • Connects six (6) lines of beer to each CrafTap growler filler
  • Cleans manifold line between pours to eliminate mixing of beers
  • For use with the Pegas CrafTap 3.0 counter-pressure growler filler
  • Stainless Steel beverage valves. Stainless steel mounting plate, insulated on the bottom of plate
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