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Single Basic Counter-Top ReverseTap Dispenser

Single Basic Counter-Top ReverseTap Dispenser

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ReverseTap is a Revolutionary Draft Beer Dispensing System that fills from the bottom of the cup quickly and without waste.

ReverseTap cups are High Quality but Low-Cost bottom-filling cups. No Metal or Magnets can be found in ReverseTap cups, 100% recyclable plastic, and NSF Certified.

Single Basic Counter-Top ReverseTap Product Features

  • Single beverage dispenser
  • Size: 11.81” (L) x 9.37” (W) x 3.90” (H)
  • Product Weight: 3.5 Lbs.
  • Lightweight plastic body
  • 100% Waterproof dispensing area
  • Water-Resistant display area
  • Set multiple fill sizes
  • LED fill indicator lighting
  • Glycol Cooled
  • Bottom Side Connections: Beverage Connection, Glycol Connection, Drain

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